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We’re a Garden Grove pool service for more than 10 years. In this time, we have gained the resident’s trust in the city for providing an efficient, thorough, and cost-effective and all-encompassing pool service. In addition to serving both large and small pools, we also handle all pool maintenance, pool start-up, and pool repairs, pool renovations, and pool cleanup.

We’re a company that is slated to create a solid relationship with everyone that we come in contact with, and as such, we offer quite possibly the most comprehensive list of services currently seen in the industry. We simply don’t want to turn anyone away from our renowned services, so we want to make sure that we have solutions for anyone looking for pool companies Garden Grove. If we don’t offer a service be sure to ask us for a partner referral as we have many in the industry.

We’re the pool company that simply gets it done, but it’s not just in the way that we conduct our business in the field – but how we treat our customers. Our customer service record is absolutely stellar, and we go the extra mile to make them feel welcomed and comfortable when they’re receiving any and all of our services. We all know that Orange County is rife with different pool companies, so to truly stand out, you really have to go the extra mile and really make a lasting impression upon your customers.

We’re that company – and we’ll do everything we can to show you the difference with our incredible pool service, regardless of the size of the job. Whether you’re looking for a pool start-up or just some routine maintenance, our trusted techs and personnel are able to do the job.

Let's face it - your pool needs some work.

Pool Services

Here’s a little bit of what to expect from our pool company.


Weekly maintenance to assure that your pool is clean and properly in working order, including PH maintenance and standard cleaning.

pool cleaning


Services including things like filter replacement/cleaning, acid washing, pool installations, tile cleaning, vacation service, pool sweeping, pool deck cleaning, pool water analysis, all pool repair (in-ground, fiberglass, concrete, etc), and more!


Tile Cleaning

Sandblasting, dustless blasting to clean the bottom and sides of your pool/.

calcium removal

Acid Washing

A stronger way to clean your pool (with acid), through removing a layer of plaster to restore it to its original shine.

Our Pool Services

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Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool is absolutely integral if you’re going to enjoy it. An improperly maintained pool will risk you and your family’s health and being. Not only does it keep you healthy, a clean pool also looks great and can be super attractive, even adding some curb appeal (and resale value!) for your home. It isn’t particularly difficult for you to have this done, whether you’re looking for a large pool or routine spa maintenance, provided you have the right Garden Grove pool service by your side.

Weekly pool maintenance is a great way to do this. With our service, this boils down to a few things, mostly ensuring that your pool is safe and healthy for you and your family. We do this by keeping the pool right and stressing the importance of a good PH balance. If the PH is too high, you can experience skin irritation and even corrode some of the metal parts in the pool. If it’s too low, you’ll find that the chlorine isn’t effective and it will nearly render it useless.

We can keep the pool clean through pool cleanouts, chlorine washes, and Garden Grove calcium removal. All of these things will result in a happy and healthy pool, which is something that both a home and business owner should be looking for. Fortunately, it’s something that we provide affordably, reliably, and without hassle any step of the way!

We think that pool maintenance is probably the most important aspect of owning a pool, as any pool that isn’t prepared is one that can be risky at the very least – and downright dangerous at the most. With our weekly help, you will always know that you can dive in and swim to your heart’s content without any second-guessing.

Pool Repair

Are you looking for a pool repair company in Garden Grove? If so, why not choose a company that understands exactly what the home and business owner needs. For any size pool or fountain, we possess all the skills and equipment necessary to handle the job spectacularly.

Our repair processes are straightforward, efficient, and thorough. Our services also do not break the bank for anyone – regardless of how complex and ornate your pool system is. Trust us, we’ve seen it all in Orange County and we appreciate the challenge.

Virtually everyone understands how important it is to keep your pool clean. Cleaning your pool is important if you want to protect your equipment, keep the pool safe for you and your family, prevent bacteria growth, and stave off expensive repairs.

A weekly maintenance schedule will prevent all of these things from happening – provided that you hire a Garden Grove pool cleaning company that has been responsible for great services in the past.

What’s more about our company is that we generally have all of the supplies for repairs onboard. This means less downtime or any delays for your pool maintenance. As you know, this can be hard to deal with in season, so we take that stress off of you. Should we not be able to find the parts on-site, we’re a part of a network that can allow us to quickly source the product and install it without worry.

If you’re looking for a true pool repair company in Garden Grove, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! In Orange County, you won’t find it difficult to find a fly-by-night company. Choose one that has your best interest in mind! A company driven to do the job quickly, efficiently, and with a smile on their face!

tile cleaning

Tile Cleaning

A quality pool will need regular maintenance. This is and will always be true, so that heightens the need for home and business owners to have a lasting relationship with Pool Service Garden Grove. Of all of the cleaning that needs to be done, tile cleaning is something that should be at the top of the heap. It’s an undertaking that shouldn’t come lightly, as it’s just not for looks that it needs to be done. And while beautification is important, a clean and healthy pool keeps you and your family safe.

Tile cleaning is one of those such things. Over time, dirt, grime, and calcium will build up on the sides and bottom of the pool. These levels of dirt and grime can and will stain your pool, eventually amounting to a loss of luster and shine. Not only is it unsightly, it can be potentially dangerous. Fortunately, pool technology has come a long way. In years past, you would have to replace these tiles if you wanted to return that luster. These days, you don’t have to worry about that, as you can just clean them.

There are two ways to handle this generally. Sandblasting is one of the more common ways to clean tiles. This process involves taking an abrasive agent, such as walnut shell, glass, etc and blasting the surface to clean it. Dustless blasting is essentially the same thing, although it doesn’t utilize the agent. Both of these can be extraordinary at cleaning your pool, and while they both require draining the pool, it takes a lot less time than you would normally expect – especially when you use us.

Furthermore, like many of our other services, you have a trusted company handling it. We also won’t require you to spend an arm and a leg to have it done!

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Acid Washing

Of all of the cleaning methods we employ, acid washing is probably one of the more stringent. As the name implies, it requires acid to clean your pool – unlike some of the other methods that we use to clean pools. Acid washing basically removes a layer of your pool – whether it’s plaster or other materials.

The idea is to remove minerals, chlorine, dirt, and even algae bloom from the bottom and sides of your pool. This is mostly done for pools that aren’t regularly maintained. The same can be said for stagnant water that has turned into phosphates. The problem is that they can become embedded in your pool’s finish. This will make stains at the bottom of your pool. As you would expect, they’re not really easy to get rid of. Acid washing has the ability to remove the stains or blooms, leaving your water with a new finish and great looking water. Be sure to ask our technicians for their advice before moving forward as acid washing my not be the correct choice for the situation at hand.

It can be difficult to understand if you pool may need an acid wash. It’s a valid question because acid can be considered to be almost a last resort. If you’re experiencing stains or algae buildup that doesn’t really seem to come out through standard cleaning and maintenance methods, or you can’t seem the bottom of your pool, this may be a route you can go.

If you’re considering an acid wash, it’s imperative that you choose an experienced pool service company in Garden Grove. The chemicals that we use are caustic, and while they can be dangerous in the wrong hands, our trusted personnel have been employing this service for quite some time.

Insist on only companies who have extensive experience in this technique, like our locally owned and operated company of over 10 years. We understand the innate process of acid washing, tile cleaning, and standard pool maintenance. We can and will show you the difference in true Garden Grove pool service.

calcium removal
commercial pool service

Commercial Pool Service

If you’re looking for affordable pool care – you’ve come to the right place. We also have services for commercial clients, including business owners who make their living through offering pool services for their clients. We understand how important it is to have a Garden Grove pool service that you can absolutely count on. As a business owner, you understand how important it is to have an operational pool that’s safe for their clients.

On the business side, you want a service that can quickly execute the job on a scheduled basis.

We bring the same heralded pool maintenance services for the homeowner, though we understand the unique issues that a business will run into. As a business, we know that if you need some help with a facet of your business that generates income – you need the results yesterday. We can do that, and we take it upon ourselves to assure that you’re in compliance.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable working with us, as well as take some of the heavy lifting off of your schedule.

As a commercial pool service in Garden Grove, we like to underpromise and overdeliver. We do our best in providing the best possible service, which includes weekly maintenance, pool repairs. Our partner referral program allows us to provide any service you may need.

If you’re looking for the best in commercial pool cleaning our company has been a no-brainer for apartment complexes, high schools, fitness clubs, HOAs, and more. Contact us today and we can get started! Call Now!

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